Remote monitoring experts
A fit and healthy 38-year-old male had been suffering with intermittent chest pains for over 5 years.

The pains felt like a stitch across the left side of his chest, lasting approximately 3-5 seconds, and the patient also experienced exercise-induced headaches. With an increase of frequency of these pains, and known family history of heart disease, the patient was anxious to find a resolution.

The patient had been through a laborious NHS process for 2 years, with 18 visits covering multiple GP and cardiologist appointments, ECG and exercise-induced ECG tests, blood tests and A&E visits.

With each phase unsuccessfully capturing an actual event, both the patient and his GP were at a loss for what to do other than watch and wait.


The National Health Tech and QardioCore solution was introduced to the patient and his GP. The patient wore the discreet and comfortable Qardio device continuously for seven days which enabled the live capture of any event 24 hours a day.

The device has a ‘patient trigger’ setting allowing the patient to capture any discomfort as and when felt to isolate the ECG reading. The patient was able to wear it to the gym and during weight training, enabling the capture of ECG readings when the exercise-induced headaches occurred.

The device also records additional data from Apple Health e.g. blood pressure and weight to give an overall patient view. The results are captured and shared with both the GP and a cardiologist for further assessment through an app, meaning the patient could carry on with his day to day activity whilst awaiting the outcome.


After only 2 weeks, the capture and review of patient triggered events, AF and bradycardia, were confirmed to be of no concern. The patient was relieved and happy to finally receive an outcome, reducing his anxiety and removing the burden on NHS resources.